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Russian women

Recently mixed marriages became quite popular. The globalization opens borders and today it is quite easy to move to other countries. Probably you have heard that russian women are among the most favorite brides in Western countries. So, we have decided to find reasons of this phenomenon. By the way if we check the statistics we will find out that more than 75 thousand russian women migrated to other countries and got married with local men. Thus many people think that Russian girls dream about moving abroad and getting husbands there

Well, we would not fully agree with the last statement. In fact one of the main reasons of huge amount of Russian brides abroad is that there are not enough men in Russia. So, it is not surprising that Russian girls are ready to move to other countries. Most Russian brides are from Moscow. According to officials, there are more than 1.5 thousand marriages with foreigners registered in Moscow annually. Just 5-10 years ago most russian women who got married with residents from other countries were chosing husbands from the USA and Germany. But nowadays men from Eastern countries became extremely popular, for example Turkish guys. More than 150 women from Moscow get married with Turkish men annually.

Russian women have got quite nice reputation. First of all most people say that russian women are hot and beautiful. Slavic appearance has got unique features that are extremely attractive. By the way approximately 80% of men from Russia would rather chose regular girl from their country than Hollywood celebrity. Thus even fashion models and actress cannot compete with Russian brides.

Demographics Factors Force
Russian women to Move Abroad

Women from Russia are also smart and educative. In fact in most Asian countries education is considered as prerogative of men. But in Russia the situation is absolutely different. Moreover education is crucial in the country. "There is always something to discuss with a Russian woman. She knows much", - said Henry from Germany who have experience in Russian dating. By the way Henry even moved to Russia to get married with his Russian girlfriend. "I simply cannot compare Russian women with Germans or French. My wife is not just beautiful she is also a wonderful person and amazing housewife who often cooks tasty dishes and take care of our apartments. Of course I don't mean that she is just a housewife but I cannot ignore her practical skills". He also said that Western women don't wish to do even 50% of things that are ok for russian women for instance ironing of clothes and buying clothes for husbands. So, Henry noticed that Western women just care about themselves not their husbands. And this is one of the most important differences between russian women and their foreign counterparts.

Asian men have quite the same reasons to pick Russian brides. Arabian men say that Russians never look untidy. And this is very important in Arabian countries where image is crucial. At the same time Russian girls have got higher education and smart.

Member comments...

My friend told me that I should try looking for a date online. I didn’t have enough time, always busy with my work. Thus I decided to follow this advice, why not? And I have to admit that I didn’t regret. I have already met several women from Russia. And it is quite easy to talk with them. They are very sociable and easy to deal with. And I doubt that I will need to look for a date somewhere else.
Mariusz L., Poland
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