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Success Stories

Paulo and Irina 13 October 2016

Our love story began here at Best Couple. I have been already half a year on this site, but have just few girls with whom we correspond more like a friends. One day I received an interesting and unusual letter from Irina. She made me feel interested and intrigued. So, we started to communicate through letters on the site. After three month of correspondence I have decided to come to visit her. Our first date in real life was very romantic and unbelievable. We have so many things to talk about, s...

Carlos and Maria 01 September 2016

After all wonders happened to me I can say that everything is possible!!! Me and my lovely wife Maria met here on this site and I want to tell my story now. I have never think before that I’ll meet my beloved one at dating site. I had many disappointments about women and start to think that it’s not possible to meet real love so easy. Sure there are no perfect relationships or ideal people, but when we start to communicate more and more, we start to realize that we have same life views, same...

Russel and Maryna 15 August 2016

It’s been one year since I registered on this web site till I finally found my girlfriend and actually my wife now! I’ve been looking for long time to meet person who will be my life partner, follow me everywhere and just be understandable and love me. Maryna, was the first who started our communication. But I’m glad she did. Because I was shy for first time to write to such beautiful girl like Maryna. So, we started our long long correspondence and phone call later too) It was fun, nice b...

Member comments...

My friend told me that I should try looking for a date online. I didn’t have enough time, always busy with my work. Thus I decided to follow this advice, why not? And I have to admit that I didn’t regret. I have already met several women from Russia. And it is quite easy to talk with them. They are very sociable and easy to deal with. And I doubt that I will need to look for a date somewhere else.
Mariusz L., Poland
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